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See-through mobile phone camera has been outstanding

. Selasa, 10 Februari 2009
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Please be careful because it actually happened ....

'Handphone' Infra Red see-through has been outstanding

A beautiful naked woman out of the swimming pool. He relaxed swing, without visible risih walk around the pond to the seat edge in the park. Not the other, a certain kind of face bobbysoxer lugu bugil postures with a little run through the change room after swimming. The women who appear 'smu' is not a madman. They are also not fond of the ekshibisionis shows naked body.

Indeed, they wear pool. However, their bodies appear to be only the victim naked from the technological sophistication of see-through camera mounted on the mobile phone (HP). Pool clothes they wear is a perfect material that can be penetrated infra red rays. Xray camera mobile phone with built-in that allows the women to cover useless body with the clothing pool or exercises that are generally made from synthetic materials.

See-through camera! is working on the ink, synthetic materials, such as pool clothes, clothes acrobatics, original silk (silk original). But it does not work on other materials such as nylon, cotton and jeans. There is no system on / off for Xray, so HP will always see-through on the situation, but the only effect on the synthetic material. There are many targets in a swimming pool, gym / fitness, festival, dancer.

Not difficult to get the device 'pert' is. Even in a single ad in a clear terpampang Internet site. Equipped with the tariff modifications required for each HP. The cost, at least one million rupiah for the Nokia 3660 and Sonny Ericson K500. HP specifications for a more sophisticated, such as Nokia 9500 or the O2 XDA, necessary cost of two million. HP will dirombak total, so if you forget later HP warranty problems.

Peminatnya not less. According to Edu, peranti seller, the HP peminat see-through from different circles. "The price! Is not too expensive, but who have intention to buy the right ignorant. Every day there are! Buy that," he added while laughing According to him, most peminat HP is the type of men. Target them clearly, meneropong the women in the swimming pool and public places or fitness exercises. Because in that place, the woman was using a fabric that allows for penetrated to the skin surface.

"Technology can really be mad if people do not have a certain," commented observer of information technology, Ono W Purbo frankly, Friday (10/06). In fact, infrared technology was used to penetrate the skin barrier layer is only used in military technology.

"Technology is usually used in the reconnaissance night. The simple, infra red rays will capture heat from the body. So, the body will be clearly visible even though the situation in the dark," he said. However, the developing technology of this kind digu! nakan for things that make the women as victims.

Rich is a Special Optic, Inc., a company of Japanese origin introduce a product called the "Infrared See Through Filter PF". Company that specializes in optical instruments for 30 years to produce a tool that can penetrate the surface of the object behind the view. Basically, what people see is the reflection of light that represents a limited part of the spectrum elektromagnetik. There are requirements that must be fulfilled so that an object can appear normal human eye, the wavelength. Nframerah ray radiation is not visible because the normal human eye gelombangnya no longer eligible. Plastic is a material that can distort the infrared radiation into visible waves in the classification.

While the pool and indigo blue shirt made from materials synthesis plant which is essentially plastic. Consequently, if imposed on the infrared ray synthetic surface, he will deflect waves in accordance with the normal prerequisite. Next, the reflection surface of the skin behind the clothes of synthetic will be clearly visible. The freedom to swim in a public place or occasionally in a fitness center terampas. HP equipped with these devices can be used at any time in a public place without too suspicious. Record activities and then stored in the memory card is not that complicated. Spreading easily again. Data transfer is supported by the ease of technology enjoyed by most of the phone owner.

It also not small. "I am just happy if a file like that. Moreover, free," a private sector workers. Peranti of ownership is legal. But that is a problem is when technology is turned into terror activities that disrupt the normal. While legal mechanisms too far behind the progress of t! eknologi! which opens room for intimidation.

If the camera is hidden in the public toilets or change rooms can be a little overcome. To be careful and be alert all the dots before the suspicious public space. However, the presence of HP does not see-through as a hidden camera phone is not visible light because the modification will not result in marked differences in the physical. That is, public swimming pool is not a fun place to exercise or exhaustion berekreasi release.

Technology is like double-edged knife. Usage can be beneficial as well as the others but, when the utilization hurt some people, there will be a reaction that appears. "However, the control mechanism is a community". With the breadth of information to the community, not a reaction may occur.

Origin of the giant Japanese company, Sonny, finally stop! production of x-ray handycam and recall products that have been released in the market. The need for both the name of a company takes steps to make Sonny the losers if viewed from the side a production economy.
[HRD - Derli]

Be careful Gals ..

Watch Out! In Jakarta there is no private life anymore. When you are outside the home, note the following:

1. Do not dispose of municipal waste water (big / small) in the bathroom that is not clear (pom fuel, latrines mall / plaza, hotel toilet, etc.).

2. Do not make sexual activity (osculation, fash-finger, etc.) in the vehicle.

3. Be careful when discussing people in the vehicle told a public or confidential (for example, if you bring a large amount of money to your friend).

4. Try not to wear clothes / pants / skirt of synthetic materials.

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Babies and five photographs

. Sabtu, 31 Januari 2009
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Babies and five photographs

Five photographs and a baby is very comfortable. They plain and when I changed attitude photogenic, is the adults who usually salting when facing the camera. Because of our photos look more natural and is made up.

The most important tip when taking a baby or a five-men abreast camera angles with them. So do not stand up when taking anak2. Sit, or if necessary when taking him to bed.

Baby pictures

Babies are usually more difficult difoto because they can not move much. According to me, one of the best ways to photograph the baby is put to them on the mat / carpet baby (baby rug), and we put a camera on the floor when photographs. This way you can make a big eyes and funny look prominent.


Five photographs

Five photographs in principle the same as taking a baby-camera us as much as possible in line with their perspective.

Unlike the baby, they can I move a lot. The best way to photograph them is to invite them to places they like, such as a garden to play. Usually, children are more active when the place is.

In shooting sessions, do not forget to take some photographs of the five are with their parents. is attention and see them because sometimes both parents and children spent the expression spontaneously funny.

Try also to use the continuous shooting mode, the mode for taking time and time again in a pressure SHUTTER. Based on my experience, often two or three images in one second who become best picture. In addition, by using the continuous shooting mode, we can also make a series of images that make up stories like the image below.

Img 815Composition-Kids-3Img 817

Change the focal length
Another way to get the best image is to change, change your focal length. If you have a DSLR camera, I have also invested one by buying a variety of lenses, at least one wide angle lens and a zoom lens. If a point and shoot camera, use the optical zoom and change as often as possible.

Wide angle is used when you want to photograph the baby from a short distance. This will increase the lens angle and provide an interesting perspective. I usually use 17-40mm lens for this.

Zoom lens is used when you want to take photos of the distance. Unlike the baby, I usually start five "conscious of the camera." Thus, both are also far from taking to get a more natural expression.

Sources :

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about photography

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About Photography

The word photography comes from the words photo meaning light, and that means that the image graph. So photography can mean drawing / painting with light.

The types of camera
Movie camera, it is also called the analog camera by some people.
Format film
Before we move to the kind of movie camera that we have first to know the various format / size of the film.
1. APS, Advanced Photography System. Format with small size 16x24mm film, packed in a cartridge. Although this format are new, but not popular. Stores selling movies of this type of search difficult in Indonesia.
2. 135 format. Known also with 35mm film. The size of 24x36mm, packed in the form of a cartridge containing 20 or 36 frames. This format is the most popular format, we find many around us.
3. Medium format
4. Large format

Type Movies
1. Film B / W, black and white negative film.
2. Color negative film. Most popular, we often use.
3. Positive film, also called slide. More expensive and prone to overexposure. However colors produced more good because it can capture the range of contrast wider.

The types of camera
1. Pocket / compact. Pocket camera. Popular for common people, simple and easily operated. Using 35mm film format.
2. Rangefinder. Camera search distance. Small, similar to the glance pocket camera. The difference, the camera has a mechanism fokusing (therefore called rangefinder). Generally use 35mm film format.
3. SLR, Single Lens Reflex. Single lens reflex camera. Popular among the professional, amateur and hobiis. Generally have a lens that can be replaced. Using 35mm film format. Also called a camera system.
4. TLR, Twin Lens Reflex. Double-lens reflex camera. Usually use medium format.
5. Viewfinder. Usually use medium format.

The camera manual and automatic camera. Camera-SLR camera equipped with the latest systems are generally autofokus and autoexposure but can still be operated manually.

Digital camera. Using a digital sensor instead of film.
1. Consumer. Pocket camera, cheap, easy pemakaiannya. Lens can not be replaced. Most only have a full-automatic mode. Just point and shoot. Some, such as the Canon A series, has a manual mode.
2. Prosumer. SLR camera-like, middle price. Lens can not be replaced. Shooting auto and manual modes.
3. DSLR. Digital SLR.

Lens, the camera's eye, in general, determine the quality of images produced lenses have 2 properties that is important and long fokal APERTURE maximum.
Field of View (FOV) for each lens has a wide FOV depends on the length of fokalnya and knowledgeable film / sensor is used.
Field of View Crop, often called the kaprah with a focal length multiplier. Almost all digital cameras have sensors that measure less than 35mm film, then in the field of view digital camera is smaller than the 35mm camera. Eg, 50 mm lens on the Nikon D70 has the same FOV with the 75mm lens on 35mm film camera (FOV crop factor 1.5x)
The types of lenses
a. based on the prime-vario
1. Fixed focal / Prime, fokal still have a long, eg Fujinon 35mm F/3.5 have long fokal 35 mm. Prime lens is less flexible, but the quality is higher than the zoom lens is the same price.
2. Zoom / Vario, have long fokal that can be changed, eg, Canon EF-S 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 have long fokal that can be changed from 18 mm to 55 mm. Flexible as long fokalnya that can be arranged.
b. based on focal length
1. Wide, wide lens with a FOV, fokal length of 35 mm or less. Usually used to take photos of buildings and scenery.
2. Normal, fokal length of 50 mm. Lens is versatile, quick and cheap price.
3. Tele, FOV lens with narrow, long fokal 70mm or more. For photographs from the long distance.
c. based on the maximum APERTURE.
1. Quick, have a maximum width APERTURE.
2. Slow, has a maximum APERTURE narrow.
d. special lens-lens
1. Macro lens, used to taking a short distance from
2. Tilt and Shift lens, can dibengkokan.
Terms of the lens wide / tele (based on focal length) above apply to the 35mm film camera. Nikkor 50 mm lens into the camera lens in the normal 35mm film, but a tele lens when used on Nikon D70 digital camera. On the Nikon D70 FOV Nikkor 50 mm lens, equivalent to 75 mm FOV on 35mm film camera.

Equipment for other
Tripod, shooting with the required speed to slow. At slow speeds, to avoid camera shake may occur if a hand held (handheld). In general, a minimum speed handhel is 1/focal.
Bring a tripod while hunting can be making. For the purposes of hunting is usually a tripod is a tripod that was light and small.
Monopod, like a tripod, one leg. More portability. Can only be a vertical oscillation only.
Flash / flash / flash, for menerangai objects in dark conditions.
Filter, to filter the incoming light. There are many types.
 UV, UV light filter that does not happen in the hazy landscape foto2, often used to protect the lens from dust.
 PL / CPL (Polarizer / Circular Polarizar) to reduce the reflection on the surface of the non-metal. Can also add contrast to the sky.
Exposure, the amount of light entering the camera, depending on the speed and APERTURE.
 APERTURE / diaphragm. APERTURE the greater the more incoming light. APERTURE expressed with the number of digits as follows: f / 1.4 f / 2 f / 3.5 f/5.6 f / 8. the greater number (f number), the small aperturenya APERTURE.
 Shutter speed / shutter speed. The sooner, the less light the entrance.
 ISO, expressed sensitivity sensor / film. The higher the amount of light ISOnya needed a little more. ISO 100 film requires 2 times the amount of light film of ISO 200.
Example: a combination of diaphragm f/5.6 kec. 1 / 500 at ISO 100 equivalent to the diaphragm f / 8 kec 1 / 500 or f/5.6 kec. 1 / 1000 at ISO 200.
Exposure meters, the light. Almost every modern camera has the internal light. In addition, also available for the external light.
Exposure metering (often abbreviated with the metering only), method of measuring light
1. Average metering, the average light throughout the frame.
2. Center-weighted average metering, measuring light with an average weight of the middle point.
3. Matrix / Evaluative metering, Measure light in various parts of the frame, and then calculated with the methods certain automatic.
4. Spot metering, the light only on a small part in the middle of the frame only.
Exposure Compensation, 18% gray. Exposure meters always measure light menhasilkan measurements and photos so that the light generated in the range of 18% gray. So if we look sebidang white Exposure settings and use as indicated by the meter, the white will become gray in the picture. To overcome this we must do Exposure Compensation. Exposure so we add a white cloth.
Under exposured, the image is too dark, the lack of Exposure.
Over exposured, the image is too light because of the excess Exposure
Term stop. Take 1 stop, this means increased Exposure to 2 times. Take 2 stop, this means increased Exposure to 4 times. Going down 1 stop Exposure is revealed to be 1 / 2 times. Going down 2 stop Exposure revealed a 1 / 4 time.
The increase of 1 stop on the APERTURE as follows: f/22, f/16, f/11, f / 8; f / 5.6; f / 4; f / 2.8; f / 2. F different number each stop is 0.7 times (1 /  2).
The increase of 1 stop on kec. Rana as follows: 1 / 2000; 1 / 1000; 1 / 500, 1 / 250, 1 / 125, 1 / 60, 1 / 30, 1 / 15; 1 / 8; 1 / 4; 1 / 2; 1. Different speed of each stop is 2 times.

DOF, Depth of Field, the depth of field. DOF is the area around the sharp focus.
Depth of field is influenced by the large APERTURE, fokal long, and the distance to the object.
1. APERTURE, the greater APERTURE (f the small number) then the DOF will be shallow / narrow.
2. Length fokal (real), the long fokal, the DOF shallow / narrow.
3. The distance to the object, the closer the distance to the object then the DOF shallow / narrow.
Elections DOF
 If the DOF narrow, FG and BG will blur. DOF limited use if we want to isolate / weight of the object in the environment such as pictures or portrait photos of flowers.
 If the DOF wide, FG and BG appear more sharp. DOF wide if we want to use almost all of the photos appear sharp, as in the picture or photo journalism landscape.

Shooting mode
Auto mode, point and shoot mode, viewfinder and live snap.
1. Full Auto, the camera that determines all the parameters.
2. Portrait, the camera uses to restrict the largest APERTURE DOF.
3. Landscape, the camera using APERTURE smallest.
4. Nightscene, using a slow speed and flash to catch the object and BG as well.
5. Fast speed shuter
6. Slow speed SHUTTER
Creative zone
1. P, AE program. Similar to the auto mode with more control. With this mode we can control the Exposure Compensation, ISO, metering mode, Auto / manual focus, white balance, flash on / off, and the shooting continues.
2. Tv, SHUTTER speed priority AE. We menetukan speed, the camera will calculate the exact APERTURE.
3. Av, APERTURE priority AE. We determine APERTURE, set the camera speed.
4. M, Manual Exposure. We determine the speed and APERTURE manually.

Composition and Angle.
Composition is the placement of objects in the photo frame
Angle is the point of shooting, from the bottom up, or in parallel.
The composition and angle more to the art of photography. The taste is very far-reaching photographers.

Sources : Anggy mutiara

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Selecting and Buying Tips Digital SLR Camera (DSLR) for Beginners

. Jumat, 30 Januari 2009
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Choose and buy a digital SLR camera (DSLR) its easy and difficult, especially for beginners who have a pocket like me. You have a pocket for a bold, you choose to live a valuable or expensive-class high-end, as in the photography world, the price is usually lie, I do mean expensive very good. But for me, the price can spend a lot food ration two months, made me think hard to choose a quote from one of the producers of all tantalize. There are some things that need to be considered in selecting and buying a digital SLR camera (DSLR) this. lets us study..

What You Need

There is a lot of options in the market with a price range of variants and features. before deciding, consider first the purpose of your purchase a digital SLR camera, which features important to you. You want simplicity a DSLR camera or do you want to type photographers explore all the advantages offered by an SLR camera.

Note the size CCD or CMOS sensor is used to capture the image. Although many variations of size, but generally divided into 3 categories, namely FullFrame, APS-C and Four-Thirds. For some people, the size of sensor (megapixel) is not too important, more important is the category where entry is sensor.

Tip-a sensor Choosing and Buying Digital SLR Camera (DSLR) for Beginners

sensor2-a Tips Memilih dan Membeli Kamera Digital SLR (DSLR) untuk Pemula

That distinguish the three kinds of sensors are Crop Factor, picture above shows that the small sensor size, the small area catching screen. image on the results, seen sperti use focal length (1.5x or 1.6x longer for APS-C, 2x for Four-Thirds).

DLSR users for the beginner, the crop factor is not the main thing, but to consider if you want to use DSLR as your old SLR camera, and if you already have a collection of lenses very expensive, you have a good idea to consider buying a DSLR Fullframe, because if not , resultant image will be different from the usual SLR.

Another thing I need to be choosing a digital SLR camera or DSLR is antishake systems. A picture taken on the lighting or less taken from a distance will be prone to be blurred (blur) because the movement of the camera or do not deliberate. Image Stabilization is designed to avoid this

Select the speed and Buying Tips Digital SLR Camera (DSLR) for Beginners

speed Tips Memilih dan Membeli Kamera Digital SLR (DSLR) untuk Pemula

Next thing you need to purchase a digital SLR camera or DSLR is speed. both speed and focus speed photographs. entry-level DSLR camera also has the speed you better than pocket camera's high-end. The more expensive the increasing speed. it is often necessary when you move the object eg taking the car you are in a race or birds are flying.

what Selecting and Buying Tips Digital SLR Camera (DSLR) for Beginners

what Tips Memilih dan Membeli Kamera Digital SLR (DSLR) untuk Pemula

That is not less important is the size and weight of the camera body, you do with pocket camera will be a little clumsy or difficult to use if direct Nikon D3 DSLR for example. I should start from a kind of compact-sized Nikon D60 or Canon EOS 400D

things you need to look at to note in selecting and buying a digital SLR camera or DSLR for beginners. hopefully useful.


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Mythology of Color

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How often do you see men dressed in pink color, or perhaps a doctor with all black clothes during duty in the hospital. Perhaps a new born baby is also not allowed to sleep diruang the dicat temboknya completely black. Instead of a real strain Cobuzier Dedy themselves with the strange makeup and clothes all black. A woman will look more sexy when wearing red clothes. Meanwhile, a real adventurer does not change clothes many days in order to keep the vest brown.

Some of the above example then of course it can be if the color is not only related to the aesthetics, but also through the color man trying to communicate something. Each color can cause a certain perception. Even when combined with other attributes not only cause the color perception and image, the color will be increasingly reinforce a "symbol" as a certain majesty, death, life and others.

Color is a language that is hidden. First, the color can represent a certain age, for example only colors that teenagers tend to be bright and nuances have high saturation, the color that represents the age of adulthood tend to be darker and have a low saturation. Second, the color can represent the mood of sorrow for example, people often wear a black dress and veil, while those who are tend to be rejoiced figured wear white or bright colors such as pink, yellow, orange. Third, the color can show the personality, the colors are always associated with personality. In the film we see selau champion blade-wearing red costumes, such as Spiderman and Superman, even though sebenarnnya color kostumnya deliberately equated with American flags for the patriotic sense of nationalism and the world war 2, red-hearted nature and have a high spirit. Another example that we can see is like wearing a yellow tend to have confidence. Fourth, to show the color a certain social status. People in the middle on the economic wear the color that has a golden hue. Or colors that have lustrous colors such as silver and white. Instead of people tend to wear down the colors dull and dark brown. Fifth, color can indicate sexual orientation and gender. A metrosexual mark with self-wear colors with high saturation and the many attributes of color in clothes. In addition, masculine color is dark blue and pink color is feminim. Sixth, as a color time. Survey proves that when room work dominated hot colors (yellow, orange, red) then it's time the sepat passed, we often result in a hurry. Conversely, if the work space is dominated cold colors (green, blue, purple) time feels more relaxed and enjoy. Classic colors such as chocolate can provide atmosphere past, being able to give the color silver futuristic atmosphere.

But since we have been forced small even "raped" to define the color of premature regardless of the process of semiotic between a bookmark indication, or vice versa. For example, the color of the flag of Indonesia, means the Red and white means purity. But red can also mean passion and sexuality, while white can also means happiness and honesty. One example is we are in the ambiguous nature of color, because one color can have many meanings.

There are some things that make a difficult color is defined as the complex nature of color. First, the existence of color. The amount of color is not limited because each color can be mixed and has a saturation and a different value. therefore we need to limit the color is the color here "general", meaning the red is red, of most people agree. Red color has other colors we still "consider" as red. Second, the ambiguous nature of color. Here is the ambiguous nature of the multi-color commentary. For example, black can mean death, crime, etc. dolor. Even the nature of multi-color commentary from the very opposite can be such as black can also mean when applied to the elegant saloon car. Third, the nature of color arbitrer. color means the sole be arbitrary and without any scientific explanation and subtansial. For example, we know from the first meaning of the red flag of the Republic of Indonesia is brave. Without know how the process of describe into the red. This is solely because of all the people say that means the color red.

to four, definition color speculative. Because the definition of color often do not have the scientific responsibility, then we often defines a speculative accordance with the feeling that we felt when I saw the color. For example, when we are in sorrow or broken hearts, every color that we see can have a meaning in death or despair. Here we are on the perception of the people can be different colors Because of the particular experiences. Fifth, the nature of dynamic colors that match the culture, time and place. Red in china can have a very different meaning with in Indonesia. Like white on the Renaissance era to era on different meaning now. This is because
composition of color at different times and can be different.

Ambiguous in color is not to make the color does not become a "identification". Nature chaos on the color of course not without cause. Because there are many symbols that can not be represented by a certain color. For example, the means of fresh orange or fresh. The color orange can not be replaced with black or red. A man Macho barbate remain strong and will look like when bencong wear pink, here we can conclude that masculine we can not be defined on the color pink. The reason is:

1. Color has been associated on a particular object.
Association here is the color described in on certain things. For example, the yellow sun. Therefore, the color yellow can mean a warm, self-confidence, beauty, etc. morgue. Black can not represent the definition of fresh because fresh water is associated in the light blue color, or on the orange color of orange.

2. Arbriter nature that is too strong.
Arbriter nature that is too strong and long-embedded in the community can make a definition color "as if" scientific. Because the first red means / meant brave and white means pure, so it happens. Because people can not find studies to support or reject the definition.

3. Color image jargon only brace / attribute.
Defining the color can not be done in a way to see the color that stands alone. co. plain black box will not mean anything, being black is used by people who are crying on the very grave could reinforce the sense of sorrow. HP color and black on the car can strengthen the effect of elegant and luxurious. This is because the color of "only" as a brace only. Are the dominant element is the jargon and attribute them, in case people are crying over, HP and Mobil. To define the color image as a brace and was certainly the perception of the defining attribute / jargon first. In the process of application and color definition semiosis still refer to the 2 point over the association and arbriter.

In "Mithologies" Roland Barthes paper we introduced the myths objects. For example glasses as indicating of genius, perseverance and a formality. or trousers torn indication as anti-independence and anti formality. Myth in "Mythologies" no pretensions to determine the good and the bad. However, purely as a language that is hidden (hidden linguist). Likewise with the color, the color is not as myth can be discussed in exact sciences. A man dressed in pink not sure he was a man who has sexual orientation among species. However, most can not
but most can not identify such. Refers to the understanding semiotic Umberto Eco is the science of semiotics to hoodwink. Warnapun often used to hoodwink for example: Joni wear all black, long and shaggy hair, tight trousers
with the whole body tatto to convince others that a civilian. the civilian or not actually be seen from the deeds not appearance. However, because the visual images are often so strong he was dealing with the police every time a case theft.
* can colors such perceptions affect us?
* can color hoodwink us, because the color is able to blur the image of everything that we see?
* Color ... color ... color ... .. what's interesting?


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about composition in photography

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Composition is defined as a simple way up the elements in the picture, these elements include line, shape, form, color, light and dark. The way you arrange the composition in the viewfinder will diinterprestasikan after your picture is printed. The main aspect of composition is the visual impact-an ability to convey the feeling that you want to express in your photos. Therefore you need to arrange such a way so that your goal is reached, whether it is to convey the effect of static and silent or surprised something, different, eksentrik. In classical composition there is always the one point that first attract the attention attention. This is because the regulation position, subordination, contrast or light intensity than surrounding the subject, or in such a way that formed a way to bring attention to the observer at one point.

Overall, the composition of the classic has a good proportion of the fun. There is a balance between darkness and light, between the form of open space and solid colors or with bright colors dim. At a certain opportunities, may be required if you will need your whole symmetrical composition. Often the image that you create more dynamic and visually more interesting when you put in the subject. You should avoid even a line of vertical divider.

To avoid an image that also required the presence of dynamic movement. This rhythm is due to repeated many times an object that is small. The presence of rhythm in the striking image of a movement.

* Outline
Photographers often use a good line in the works to bring their attention on the subject of the main observer. Lines can also cause the effect of depth and movement of the image. When the lines themselves are used as the subject, which is going to be pictures attract attention. Not important whether the straight line, curve or a circle, take the eyes out of the picture. The most important lines that become dynamic.
* Shape
One of the most simple formula that can create an image to attract is to give priority to a visual element. Shape is one of them. We generally assume shape as the outline of a shape as being formed, in essence, the subject image, the image has considered the strength of visual and abstract quality. To make a protruding shape, you should be able to separate the shape from the surrounding environment or the background is too busy. To create a strong contrast between shape and form the shape of surrounding it. Contrast this can occur as a result of differences in light or dark color differences.
A shape, of course, does not stand alone. When entering into a scene that contains two or more of the same shape, we can also crop a shape to enhance the image quality.
* Form
When can shape their own identification of the object, the form is still required to make an impression and three-dimensional solid. This is an important factor to create the effect of depth and reality. This creates the quality of light and the formation of tone and form lines of an object. Important factors that determine how the form is form and direction of the quality of light on the object.
* Texture
A photo with a prominent image texture can be a form of creative shape or pattern. If adequate, the texture will give the photo realism, bringing depth and three-dimensional effect to your subject.
Texture can be seen clearly on the two sides are different. It's the texture that can be found if we approach the subject ourselves to increase what we see, for example, when we want to photograph the surface texture one leaf blade. There is also a time where we have to move back because we are the subject of the course is very wide. Texture also appear when a light dash surface with low-angle, forming the shadows in the same area.
Photographs texture is considered successful if the photographer can communicate in such a way so that observers could feel as if the image surface when touch. Similar to the pattern, texture is best shown with a few variations and appears to widen out to the limit of the picture.
* Patterns
Pattern repeated in the form of shape, line and color are elements of other visual elements that can come into focus. The existence of a rise to the impression that the repetition ritmic and harmony in the picture. However, too much uniformity will cause the image to be boring. Confidential pattern of variation is found capable of capturing the attention observer.
Pattern is usually better expressed with the most prevalent. Although the lighting and camera angle to make shooting a picture is less likely to impress depth and allow something that repeatedly become prominent.

By learning the principles of the composition of the above, the following are some types that you can use:

* Rule of thirds
Imagine there are lines that formed a guide nine fruit rectangle of the same on an image. Elements of the image that appears on the corners rectangular center will get the maximum traction.
* Format: Vertical Horizon or
Proportion rectangle on viewinder allows us to do the shooting in the landscape / horizontal or vertical / portrait. Differences in the format could cause a different effect on the final composition. Look at the viewfinder horizontally or vertically, and specify the creative decisions for best results.
* Keep it simple
In some circumstances, the best option is keep it simple. It is very difficult for people to see a photo when too much attention to an interesting point. Generally, the more crowded a picture, the picture is less interesting. Try to concentrate attention on one point and maximize resources object.
* Picture scale
An image that appears to be normal, but interesting because there is a small point that attract attention. With landscape photography or Monument, develop the attractiveness of shooting by adding the size of the object is known as a starting point to give attention to the scale effect of the comparison.
* Horizons
Changing the balance of the heavens and the earth can change the image of the drastically. When the image is almost fulfilled by giving the impression the sky will open and wide plain, but when the sky remain only slightly at the top of the picture, the full effect of relief.
* Leading lines
The eyes of the person who brought the image to see in the picture or take a picture. In general lines this form:
Lines that are physical such as roads or Marka not look directly for example, shadow, reflection.
* Be different
Perhaps there is shooting, shooting that may be taken in addition to the approach from the front and taking parallel to the ground. Moving from near the suspected often produce an interesting effect.
* Color
Make a prominent part of the picture's background. Main way to get this subject is to obtain a different color or beat drastically with the background.
* Framing
When the subject of a special form have a strong, full-frame with the subject. Whether it is using the lens with a focus on longer or move to a subject.
* Shooting position
When we feel saturated with the composition of that and only that, try to change perspectives fully. For example, the position of sitting or standing position to the shot from the top or bottom of the subject.
* Number of subject
Taken with the many subjects that are relatively uniform, less interesting view of the composition. Find one of the subject among the many different subjects are. Different means different movement, shape and color.


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Confidential reveals a Good Photo

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This paper is a summary of the article in, I like it and prefer to read them in their own language, with its own style. At first I publish in the forum thread, but for me comfort together to move the page article. Hopefully helpful, especially for beginners and the other, and for the senior photos of the good-good, I apologize, because you become part of the secret does not confidential anymore. But of course, without training and a persistent effort, this article will be the only real story that we read in the regular newspaper.

We have a friend named photography, perfect friend in travel, office area, pilgrimage, picnic, home village or climbing hills. Photography make us confident that we explore the visit, the people we met; photography make a more meaningful way, and with him we love enjoy art. Photography makes us more grateful top gift of vision and the opportunity to see signs of greatness of God. Favors that can not be measured and the measure.

Photography became a strong reason for our activities, go to many places that have no previous intention, come home late, buy equipment, dst. Fervent desire to get a steady shot encourage explore we make every effort to place a scrub, corral what will we take the picture, look to find the angle of uniqueness and beauty of the unforgettable, sometimes the search is also at risk of fatal if not done with caution and calculation resourceful mind.

Find the best viewpoint is disaster large, your heart flutter, the older you with regard coruscate, you might think, is this the right time to take a picture, you may be up tents and wait for best moment from time to time, from dawn until asar, from March to December. You become a ulet and patient.

When you hit SHUTTER release, you tie a braided sweet time with the place and its people. You there. Photography protect your memories encounter with what is in it. Then we show that on the place and the atmosphere in which we had there, stunning scenery, the people who fascinate. Your soul is envisaged.

Images like affect our minds, we like to seduce, forcing us to play in it or imagination with. Photos that we can make to encourage people to want to experience the beauty of its own, or preoccupation that the image is presented. Of course, photos of the beautiful and sexy model that will inspire the imagination and the desire is different. The desire arose without conscious.

Anyone can become a member This means anyone can take photos. With additional business and creative mind that no retroactive, you can create a powerful image that shows the creation and interpretation of what you see and you snap. Indeed, speed and acceleration of the achievement of each person will be different, one can overtake other, but not what is reasonable. Regardless wrath.

Fortunately, it need not expensive, good images can be made with minimal equipment and little knowledge of the technical data. The secret is to see the artistic and critical. The art of seeing. give this question in the heart: What I see, and how I see it? Have a good quality image that shows the skill, art and taste, interest, and the personality of fotografernya. So we can know what a good image. But I can not know what ugly picture, ask why?

What's Making Good Photos?

Photo is a good image that contains the message. Messages can be a statement (This is the Lake Toba), the impression (in the atmosphere of Sunset Lake Toba), or emotional expression (Due Love on Lake Toba). Bagusadalah message that the message clear, firm and effective. But how?
Messages need a subject. About what you want to submit. That can only be one you know, scene, or abstract forms. POI is a central subject and is usually placed in the foreground. Then we set up the message by entering the second, the context, often as background. Context provides the relevance, availability, location, subject, or other interests. Message is a combination of two elements of the subject and context, background and foreground that talk about this message.

As the importance of knowing what they need to include in the message, we also need to know what that is not necessary to include in the message. which is not part of the subject or context of the message that we created, then it is only a shard of thorns or disrupt, scratch-scratch image and create a message we are not clear. So subtract the parts that are not relevant in the vicinity of POI with beringsut usually closer to the subject, or move to get a better viewpoint and make a shot and clear. A painter creates art with the addition of adding what he painted while photographers create art with the reduction of the parts that do not need to.

Recipe for a good photographs are:
"A foreground, a background, and there is no other."


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